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Fefelov I.V., Tupitsyn I.I., Podkovyrov V.A., Zhuravlyov V.E. 2001. Ptitsy delty Selengi: Faunisticheskaya svodka [The birds of the Selenga delta: Faunal summary] (Russian). Irkutsk: Vostochno-Sibirskaya izdatelskaya compania [East Siberian Publishing Company].

320 p.


(APUSList No. 2941) 






The birds of the delta of the river Selenga were listed and described. The Selenga waters in the south east into Lake Baikal, central Siberia.

Apus apus pekinensis. Former listers for this area (Shvetsov & Shvetsova, 1967; Gagina, 1988) did not remember this species. It is recorded flying over in the delta in groups up to 10-15 individuals, often in united flocks with Apus pacificus.  For spring/summer, the earliest record is 28 May, and the latest - 22 June. According Zhuravlyov (1995), recorded at postbreeding migration. Nesting is not directly confirmed but presumed to be in tree hollows the forests around the delta, and might be also in buildings like water towers etc.