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Report on


The Birds of the National Park “Zavidovo” and Upper Volga River area


Nikolaev, V.I. 1998. Ptitsy bolotnykh landshaftov natsional’nogo parka “Zavidovo” i Verkhnevolzh’ya [Birds of the marsh landscapes of National Park “Zavidovo” and Upper Volga River area] (Russian). Tver’, 214 p.


(APUSlist No. 2744)






Apus apus (p.136-137)


Nests in wet pine forests and forest ridges of peat bogs, preferring especially the plots of dry standing pines with old Woodpecker nest holes. Appearance of the first birds in Konakovskiy district of the Tver’ Region is recorded as 14 May (1996) to 19 May (1989). Usually nests in colonies of 5 to 10 pairs. Swift nesting is known to occur in old semi - dried aspen trees with traces of Black Woodpecker activity. Minimal height of nest holes occupied by Swifts varies from 2,5 to 3 m. They feed over bogs of all types, including those under treatment. “Swarming” of birds over bogs occurs from the middle of July, and departure from nesting sites takes place from 9 August (1992) to 16 August (1991).


APUSlife 2006, No.3114
ISSN 1438-2261