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The Common Swift in Karelia




Artem’yev, A.V. 1993. Order Apodiformes in Ornitofauna Karelii [Ornithofauna of Karelia] (Russian). Petrozavodsk. Institute of Biology of Karelian Branch of Russian Academy of Science

(APUSlist No. 2745)




Common Swift – Apus apus L. (p. 105)


Common breeding species throughout the territory of Karelia. Distributed from the southern to the northern borders of the Republic, most numerous in towns, where it settles in niches and holes of buildings and constructions. Breeds in agricultural settlements in holes under the roofs of houses and in artificial nest-boxes put up for Starlings. Common in forests of different types, where it settles as a rule in the old nests of Woodpeckers, preferring open tree stands. Population density in the forests of southern and central Karelia varies from 0 to 5,9 pairs / sq km. In the old quarters at the center of Petrozavodsk town the highest number is about 12,7 pairs / sq km, and in certain sites up to 27,6. The total number remains comparatively stable.


APUSlife 2006, No. 3117

ISSN 1438-2261