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Report on


Banding Swifts in China 1998-1999


Hou Yurqin, Chu Guozhong, Dai Ming: 中国鸟类环志概况19981999 (General information on banding birds in China 1998-1999) (Chinese)

Published at http:/www.wildlife-plant.gov.cn/old/5-huanzhi/98-99.htm, valid February 2003


(APUSlist No. 2809)






This Internet publication is a report from the Bird Banding Centre of China and deals with the banding and recovery of bird species in China during 1998-1999.


Thirteen Common Swifts (Apus apus) were caught and ringed in the park of the Summer Palace in Beijing, and all were later re-trapped. This indicates that these birds breed each year in this location.


APUSlife 2006, No. 3179 
ISSN 1438-2261