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Report on

Gistsov, A.P. et al. (1995): Autumn migration of birds in Balkhash-Alakol Depression (Russian). Ornithologia 26, p. 136-142

[Гисцов А.П., Шимов С.В. & Ауэзов Э.М.: Осенняя миграция птиц в Балхаш-Алакольской впадине]

(APUSlist No. 1183)





In 1987, observations of autumn migration were carried out on the northwest bank of Lake Alakol' in eastern Kazakhstan from 31 Aug to 28 Sep; and in the Tentek River-Delta (Lake Sasykkol') from 29 Sep to 28 Oct. Visual observations and special observing with
vertically-directed binoculars were used for day migrants, and telescopes pointed at the moon for night migrants.

The total migration number per autumn along a 1 km migration front (migration density) for Apodiformes was (birds per 1 km):

Lake Alakol':                2476                (2.48 % of all birds)
Tentek River-Delta,            6                (0.01 %)
Total                            2482                (1.6 %)

The average altitude of Swift migration was 115 m. Swifts migrated mainly in the evening  (69.9 %). At Lake Alakol', direction of migration was as follows: S (2360 of 2476 individuals); SW 92; N  24.
In the Tentek River-Delta, of 6 Swifts, 4 flew W, 2 flew SW


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