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Report on

Baryshnikov, G.F. & Cherepanov, G.O. (1985): Birds from Bolshoi Caucasus in Paleolithic and Mesolithic (Russian). Ornithologia 20, p. 139-160

[Барышников Г. Ф. & Черепанов Г. О.: Птицы Большого Кавказа эпохи палеолита и мезолита]

(APUSlist No. 1362)





During archeological work in caves in the Caucasus in 1955-1981, in South Osetiya (Georgia) bones of Alpine Swift from the Acheulean layers and Common Swift were found in the Kudaro Cave, and bones of Common Swift from the Neolithic layers were found in the Dalyng-Leget Cave. These represent the first Paleolithic finds of Alpine Swift for the Caucasus and the European part of USSR, and the first Neolithic find of Common Swift for the Caucasus (formerly known for Krimea).


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