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Report on

Tishenkov, A.A. (2003): Ornithological fauna of the living part of Tiraspol' town, Moldova (Russian). Ornithologia 30, p. 51-58

[Тищенков А.А.: Птицы селитебной зоны города Тирасполя]

(APUSlist No. 3268)





Counts for bird numbers were carried out in Tiraspol' from Dec 1998 to Nov 1999, observing along a transect at a rate 11.56 km per week.
Common Swift nests on buildings. Records are as follows:
April 3 individuals/sq.km
May 17 pairs/sq.km plus 31 individuals/sq.km;
June 34 pairs/1 sq.km; in Jul - 9 ind./1 sq.km. In other months, no Swifts were recorded.


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