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Volontsevich, A.A. (2003): Phenology of spring and autumn migration of Common Swift Apus apus in Khar'kov (Russian). [Fenologiya vesenney i osenney migratsii chernogo strizha Apus apus v gorode Khar'kove] in: Birds of the Seversky Donets water catchment area [Ptitsy basseyna Severskogo Dontsa] 08: 42-43

(APUSlist No. 5644)





The Common Swift is a common breeding bird in Khar'kov. It builds nests in holes in walls and under roofs.

Observations were made in the central part and in the north-eastern part of Khar'kov from 1992 to 2001. In the center, there are 5 and 7 storey buildings, in the NE part there are newer 9 and 16 storey buildings.

In some years the majority of Swifts leave immediately after rainy, cloudy days in mid August, as for example during 1993 and 1996.

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