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Colony Tel Aviv


The nests are in a hollow space above the ceiling. Some
breeding pairs share one hole to enter their nests.

Allon Bear observes the colony. 

This is one of the biggest colonies under observation. About 100 pairs of Common Swifts breed in a ruined building in Tel Aviv every year. Pieces of the concrete ceilings have broken away so that there are holes through to the space above. All nests can be reached from below and several pairs share one hole for access to their nests. More than 150 nests have been counted spread over several floors.

This colony is observed by Allon Bear and reports will be published soon.


Papers written about this colony:
Tigges, Ulrich (2001): Departure and arrival of the Common Swift (Apus apus) in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1999-2000. Sandgrouse 23: 59


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